Blue J (Youth) Requirements

Our summer 2015 program is now full. Please check back February 1, 2016 to sign up to be a Blue J.


Additional Blue J Requirements


All Blue J's must be 16 by June 1st in order to volunteer for the summer.


Orientation will be held June 10th from 9:00am - 12:00pm. This is the only orientation we will offer for the summer program so please make it a point to attend. Junior volunteers are unable to volunteer without orientation and exceptions will not be made under any circumstances. 


 The Director will contact all prospective volunteers by email the last week of April to set up interviews. Please gather the information below and bring with you to your appointment -


  • Signed contract agreeing to work a minimum of 30-hours
  • Application (online link)
  • Immunization records with proof of two MMR’s
  • Report card with passing grades
  • Two reference letters from non-related adults who know your character
  • Parental consent form for the TB test
  • One-page essay “Why I want to volunteer at the Methodist Hospitals and what I hope to gain.”
  • $12 for membership dues and Polo shirt

Once orientation is complete, all junior volunteers will be assigned two 4-hour shifts per week. Everyone starts in Escort a.k.a Patient Transport. This a great opportunity to learn the hospital, meet other like-minded students and to help figure out the different areas available to volunteer. The most popular areas to volunteer are Escort, the Blue Bird Gift Shop, Same Day Surgery, SICU, Emergency Room, SICU/CICU with nursing staff and Labor and Delivery. PLEASE NOTE - We have a lot of requests to assist in the Children's Hospital. While we appreciate the interest in our little patients, we can not accommodate junior volunteers in this Hospital. 


We always celebrate our Blue J's throughout the summer! Stay tuned for upcoming events. Our end of summer bash is a lot of fun for the volunteers and their families. Once a venue is selected and the date set, we will notify you of this momentous occasion!


All of us are excited that you have elected to join the Blue J Auxiliary! A fun, educational and exciting summer awaits you at our Methodist Hospitals!


"I love helping people. I like meeting new people and making new friends. I work in the Surgery Waiting Room and act as a liason between the Doctors and families. I enjoy being helpful to family members while they are anxiously awaiting news on their patient."


Chela Salinas

4-Year Volunteer

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